Healthy Grain Crushing
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Why it Works

  • 30% of wheat processed by modern cutting mills is removed from the flour due to the milling process and fed back to livestock in the form of wheat midds etc.
  • Modern day cutting mill processing requires baking at heat temperatures that kill 100% of the viable nutrients causing the remaining 70% to be nutritionally void.
  • The crushing process (Bihn Crusher) eliminates the need to separate or add nutrients natural to the product and protects nutrient value of all forms of grain whether it is wheat, corn, rice, rye, or popcorn etc. 

With the Bihncrusher you’re back to the basics of life eliminating the need for use of artificial fillers, preservatives, or other foreign nutrients while increasing the amount of usable grain.

By eliminating those needs and simultaneously increasing the amount of usable grain the average grain processer benefits dramatically on several levels:

ü  Eliminates grain waste
ü  Reduces energy cost
ü  Reduces production cost
ü  Eliminates natural nutrient loss
ü  Maintains natural nutritional value
ü  Greater particle size uniformity
ü  Reduction of fines or dust
ü  Process a wider variety of grains with the use     
     of one machine
ü  Reduces manure toxins
ü  Reduces time from birth to market
ü  Eliminates metal dust
ü  Eliminates equipment damage  

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